project management and consulting services

Project management and consulting services

Liversidge Consulting specialise in project management, using effective, industry-standard techniques such as Agile and Prince2.

But we’re not just a project management company.

Liversidge Consulting can apply our unique mix of programming and project know-how in any organisation. Our team are passionate about giving clients support from the very first requirements gathering exercises, right through the development process. We develop frameworks, checks and test to ensure we deliver the best possible solution every time.

We firmly believe that development isn’t just about coding. It’s about understanding people: what they need, how they work and how they want to improve their systems. Liversidge Consultants deliver excellence by prioritising our clients, supporting our developers and underpinning projects with tried-and-tested project management techniques. After accruing more than ten years’ experience in coding, CEO Stephen Liversidge moved on to manage teams and projects for blue chip clients, engaging with internal and external stakeholders to ensure everything runs smoothly.